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PedoStat – application for Samsung Gear 2

PedoStat application allows you to record and analyze exercises in terms of: number of steps, calories burned, distance and other.
Select route from the list and start exercise. You can name the routes depending on your needs, for example SHO (as route to shop) or JOB (as route to work), etc.
Key feature of PedoStat is comprehensive summary analysis of indicators measured while walking or running – steps, distance, calories and other.
Summaries are: by day, week, month, route, day and route, week and route, month and route.
You can analyze summaries directly on your Samsung Gear device or by reports in html format on your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.



S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6



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Expenses – application for Tizen OS

Expenses is a simple but very functional application – to record and manage your expenses.

– register expenses in very simple and intuitive way
– search and view expenses by selected criteria
– make reports of expenses by selected criteria (various summary options) – in html format
– export expenses to text file – as a backup or for use by other applications (such as spreadsheets)
– import expenses from text file – as restore backup or use data from other applications (such as spreadsheets)


s1 s2 s3 s4

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*** End of support Bada OS ***

Today, I finished Bada OS applications support. My adventure with this mobile system covered 300 000 downloads on Samsung Apps.

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Snake Smart

ss1 ss2

Control moves of SNAKE to eat cake. After each eaten cake length of your SNAKE and your score will increase by 1 and next cake will show in a new location on board.
When your SNAKE hit the wall or some part of his body, the game is over.
Your goal is to get the longest SNAKE as possible.

Configuring the game allows you to:
– Select a layout of board (walls structure), the selection of 18 layouts!
– Select a resulution of board (2 resolutions to choose)
– Select background color of board
– Audio volume control

The game results are recorded separately for each layout and resolution of board.

Go to Samsung Apps to get this application.

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Over 100 000 downloads on Samsung Apps

sm1 IconImage_20110606214956314_NEW_WEB_SHOT3_HALF ScreenImage3_20110927053715695 ce1 brain3

Today, number of downloads IT Cover apps on Samsung Apps, exceeds 100 000 !

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Bomb Timer

ScreenImage1_20110927053715635 ScreenImage3_20110927053715695

Your goal is to disarm bombs by double (2x) tapping on bombs.
The game runs in short cycles. Progress bar shows current state of the cycle.
When the progress bar comes to end, the cycle ends and the next starts.
Each bomb at a particular time has a number – this is number of cycles to explosion.
If you 2x tap on the bomb before the cycle ends, it will be disarmed and will disappear from the board.
And then you will have next positive points – GREEN number on the Score Panel.
But if you don’t 2x tap on the bomb, number on the bomb will be reduced by -1 after the end of the cycle.
When the bomb has the number [ 1 ], this is last chance to disarm it.
If you don’t disarm bomb which has number [ 1 ], it will explode.
And then you will have next negative points – RED number on the Score Panel.
In place of each disarmed bomb or explosed bomb, new bomb is placed on the board in the next cycle – with the random start number from the range 4 to 13.
The higher the level, the shorter the cycle, and new bombs on the board more often start from low numbers.

The game has four difficulties:
1. Easy
2. Normal
3. Hard
4. Champion

Go to Samsung Apps to get this application.

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Swap Cups n other on the TOP


Top paid apps ranking in UK Samsung Apps:

Swap Cups – no 3
Brain Master – no 6
Contacts ExIm – no 15

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Snake Master on the TOP 3


Snake Master game on the 3rd place in top paid 50 ranking on French Samsung Apps.

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Swap Cups


IconImage_20110606214956314_NEW_WEB_SHOT2_HALF IconImage_20110606214956314_NEW_WEB_SHOT3_HALF

Swap Cups is simple game to excercise your brain and reflex.

At each level your goal is the same:
– Remember cup with a ball.
– Watch series of swaps/moves cups.
– Tap cup with a ball.
– If you guess correctly you go to the next level. After each level, number of swaps and speed increase.

Go to Samsung Apps to get this application.

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